The All-in-One Ergonomic Napping Pillow Celebrated For It’s Product Design ​

What is napEazy?

First came the spoon, the fork, and the knife… then, in the interest of versatility and portability, someone fused them into the modern-day Spork, which integrates all three tools into one form, allowing you to eat any type of food anywhere with ease. Think of the napEazy as doing the same thing for pillows.” – Yanko Design, on napEazy®

NapEazy is a versatile pillow described by Yanko design as a combination of the bed pillow, the back-rest pillow, the desk-pillow, and the neck-worn travel pillow. Because it allows you to sleep on your back, side, or face forward. 

napEazy opens into a longer pillow with an aluminum telescopic channel in the middle that you can use to prop one end on your lap and rest your head on the other. napEazy’s design makes it an all-in-one pillow you can use at work for quick power naps, during a commute, or even while traveling. NapEazy was incubated at Airbus Bizlab after extensive testing and prototyping at Airbus Protospace before spinning off to form its own company – UUO Innovation Pvt Ltd. 

napEazy® is compact enough to be used anywhere and combines the benefits of a face pillow and neck pillow. 

Yanko Design Coverage – Leading online magazine dedicated to covering the best international product design. 

When you’re at the office and find yourself in need of a quick power nap because you pulled a long night, do you tend to nap at your desk? Or maybe you go to your car, so no one sees you. If you’ve noticed cramps in your neck or back pain and wondered, is there a better way to nap? 

There is, with the right kind of pillow, you can nap while traveling or at your desk. A study proved that inadequate support to your lower back causes lower back pain. Here’s where napEazy’s unique design comes in. Its telescopic channel acts as a second spine to support your back and maintain a natural curve. No matter which posture you sleep in, your front, side, or back you’ll feel less pain and wake up refreshed and ready for the following action. 

At the start of napEazy’s Kickstarter campaign, Yanko Design ran a feature on its design that you can read more about here. here. 

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps bring projects to life with backers pledging money to help creators.  

napEazy’s Kickstarter campaign is over, but it’s available for purchase on the website. We accept all methods of payment on our online store. If you want to learn more about what napEazy can do for you, please contact us with your queries on our WhatsApp number +91 82968 10381. We’re available 24/7 for any support-related issues. 

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