Self-Care Tips You Can Use While Launching Your Side Hustle

Launching your a side hustle while continuing to work at your full-time job? Whether you just want to make some extra money, or you’re hoping to grow your side hustle into a business that can replace your employment income one day, your schedule is probably packed! Therefore, self-care is a necessity. These tips can help you prioritize self-care in your busy schedule.

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Work-Life Balance While Launching Your Side Hustle

If you’re working a full-time job and managing a side hustle, you’ll quickly realize that trying to do everything on your own is a recipe for stress. Instead, it’s time to start delegating to lighten your own workload and establish a healthy, sustainable work-life balance. While focusing on your side hustle, you might want to hire freelancers or consultants to take on certain tasks, like website development and maintenance, IT support, or blog content creation. In addition, creating weekly schedules, turning off notifications after the workday, and setting realistic client expectations can help you maintain balance.

Nothing More Important Than Sticking to Your Sleep Schedule While Launching Your Side Hustle

Between your job and your side-hustle, you might feel like you have no choice but to sacrifice a few hours of sleep every night in order to get everything done. But committing to a healthy sleep schedule is key if you want to be productive and have the energy to tackle your to-do list. Sleep Health Solutions recommends choosing a consistent bedtime, turning off smartphones and laptops at least one hour before bed, and making sure that your bedroom is cool and dark to create a cozy sleep environment. And if you need to recharge during the day, the napEazy pillow allows you to catch some quick rest wherever you are!

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Focus on Fitness and Diet

When you don’t have much time to cook or go to the gym, how can you eat healthy and exercise regularly? By choosing nutritious meals and snacks that don’t require much prep time, as well as using weekends to batch cook, you can enjoy quick, tasty home cooking throughout the week without indulging in fast food or frozen dinners. And you don’t need to spend hours at the gym to move your body – Wrike recommends taking ten-minute walks after meals, biking or walking to run errands, and doing tai chi while you enjoy your morning coffee to start the day right.

Take Time to Relax

Blocking off pockets of time in your schedule solely dedicated to relaxation will help you feel truly refreshed and rested. For instance, you can do a short yoga sequence before bed followed by a few minutes of meditation. You may feel like you’re wasting valuable time, but spending every waking minute working isn’t healthy – you need downtime, too. Your body and mind will thank you for slowing down!

Recognize Burnout Early

Sometimes, burnout can occur despite your best efforts to focus on self-care. It’s important to recognize when you’re struggling under the burdens of multiple stressors. Perhaps you’ve been losing interest in your usual hobbies, or you still feel tired no matter how long you sleep. If this is the case, it’s a good time to look at your workload and figure out where you can dial back on some of your commitments. Talking to a therapist can also give you a third-party perspective so that you can make positive lifestyle changes.

Working full-time while starting a side hustle can make you feel like you’re being stretched thin. But by incorporating self-care into your daily routines, you can support your physical and mental health, even when you’re busy. With these tips, you’ll definitely see the benefits of self-care!

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