Refund Policy 

You can request a refund as an alternative to exchange or return. 

We will arrange for an immediate refund or return in case of such problems. We only ask that you report this within 72 hours of receiving napEazy®. 

How to claim a refund 


Please email us pictures of the product at showing the defect with the subject line in this format – “Refund – <order number>.” 

You can also contact us through this number on WhatsApp. Please share images of the product along with your name and order number. 

We will respond to you as soon as possible to process your request and share updates on your return or refund status. 

Please keep the pillow wrapped in its original packaging when our delivery partner picks up the pillow. Be sure to keep all the extra items (adjustable sling, free cover, free drawstring bag) in the package as is. If these items are not included in the return package, they won’t be eligible for a return or refund. 

Also, the pillow’s lining fabric should have its tag intact during the return. 

Items not eligible for return or exchange 

Pillow covers are not eligible for return. We can ship you a fresh set of pillow covers if you find your pillow covers torn. 

Timeline for Refund 




Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking/UPI Account

4-5 Business Days

Offline (NEFT)

7-10 Business Days

napEazy® wallet (Refund Credits)

Within 24 Hours

Warranty information for napEazy® 

We have a one-year warranty on the telescopic channel and memory foam. If there are any defects or problems, we can arrange for them to be fixed or replaced. 

It will damage the telescopic channel and not count as part of the manufacturer’s side damage. We cannot fix it under warranty in that case. 

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