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napEazy is now partnered with We The People.

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“We The People (WTP) is a global consumer goods accelerator platform focusing on marketing successfully crowdfunded innovations. They are the largest physical chain of stores in the world to exclusively support, promote and retail products made possible with the power of crowdfunding.

They have spaces in the store dedicated to live Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns where creators can display their prototypes and engage with customers, turning them into backers and building a unique community on its own. An online to offline initiative. Learn more about them here.

To know more about our Kickstarter campaign and avail the $25 discount on the launch day.

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As an affiliate marketer, you could create an account in Kickbooster as a “Booster” and find our page in the “Coming Soon” section under the “Marketplace” tab. As a booster, you can earn a 10% commission for promoting napEazy

  • Go to our campaign page on Kickbooster by clicking here.
  • Once you are on the campaign page, you simply need to click on the “Help Boost Our Campaign” button. 
  • After receiving your unique booster link, you can start sharing that link on social media (platform of your choice which gets you the most engagement and even your website).
  • The details about your commission can be found in your Kickbooster dashboard. 

More the Merrier! 


NapEazy has partnered with Biocrystal® technologies to bring you Biocrystal embedded memory foam. Scientifically proven to help reduce pain, improve sleep, and body circulation. Through its unique procedure, the crystals are ground and mixed in the foam.

It’s revitalizing effects are due to the naturally sourced crystals that increase energy flow in your body while you sleep. Helping you wake up refreshed.
It actively increases energy flow in your body, reducing fatigue, stress, and improving sleep quality.

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