Looking For An Ergonomic Pillow To Help You Nap Anywhere

Have you ever found yourself on an 8-hour long flight and tried to take a nap in economic class seats? Not only do you have less leg space, but reclining your seat all the way may disturb your co-passenger. If you get over these, there is still a stiff neck, sore back, and jet lag to get over at the end of your flight. 

What if you could deal with jet lag and sleep comfortably?

napEazy® was designed for the airline passenger to nap however you want. You can change your sleeping posture to laying on your back with lumbar support, or using it for side support, and even sleep on your stomach. You can attach the sling to the top of your extended pillow and put it around your seat rest. Now lean forward and catch a snooze. At the end of your flight, you’ll be refreshed and ready for the next action. 

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What is napEazy? 

NapEazy is an ergonomic pillow that helps you sleep comfortably in a chair while traveling or outside the home. Its unique patented design supports your spine, allowing you to nap in three different postures – your back, side, and stomach. 

Aerospace engineers Pradipta Sahoo and Soham Narayan Patel ideated and built the prototype for napEazy while working in Airbus in 2018. They spun off to start their own company, called UUO Innovation, with the support of Airbus in 2019 and started working on the final version of napEazy. Their journey took them to Kickstarter to raise funds for mass production. Their story is covered in detail in this feature in the economic times, further explaining the use of napEazy and its plans. 

You can read more about our coverage in the Economic Times here

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Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps bring projects to life with backers pledging money to help creators. 

napEazy’s Kickstarter campaign launched in May 2020 but is still available for purchase on our website. We accept all methods of payment on our online store. If you want to learn more about what napEazy can do for you, please contact us with your queries on our WhatsApp number +91 82968 10381. We’re available 24/7 for any support-related issues. 


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