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How To Easily Plan The Perfect Road Trip This Year – Key Ingredients

Road Trip

How To Easily Plan The Perfect Road Trip This Year – Key Ingredients

It’s been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic kept travel out of reach for all of us who love the wanderlust life. With second and third waves of cases making it unsafe to go on long trips. 

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So maybe that’s an explanation for why road trips are suddenly super popular? It’s straightforward as you drive down to a remote location with your family. Quarantine by yourself before that. Reduce contact with others outside your group, enjoy your trip and come back home. 


A study by PYMNTS on the changing patterns of travel among the American population found exciting results. 

27.8% of respondents were very excited to be going out more often. While 25.6% had no interest in going out, an overwhelming 46% were less enthusiastic about spending time outdoors. 


This data, coupled with results from the U.S travel association survey, also found that 47% of respondents intended to travel by road. Also, 90% of airline bookings fell over the last year, but only 23% of hotel bookings were canceled during the same period. 

The Prefect Road Trip Overview

1. Why are people choosing to go on road trips despite the rising fuel prices in American and India?

2. Essentials for your Road Trip

  • Emergency Medical Kit
  • Road Trip Car Essentials
  • Hygiene Items
  • A Comfortable Travel Pillow
  • Snacks
  • Reusable Cutlery
  • Road Trip Entertainment
  • COVID-19 Rules and Travel Precautions

Road Trip - Statistics


There’s a clear trend emerging as we see a similar rise in India, with 71% of Indians choosing to avoid specific destinations for safety reasons. 


1. Why are people choosing to go on road trips despite the rising fuel prices in American and India? 

To satisfy their need for travel while avoiding particular destinations that are designated hotspots. 

Maintaining the safety regulations while trying to take a break and get away from this year’s stress. 

There is also an undeniable appeal and romanticism of taking out your car and just going off on a long drive. For some people, it’s a way to rediscover themselves and break away from routine. 


2. Essentials for your Road Trip 

  • Emergency Medical Kit 

Mandatorily keep a box of first aid equipment like;

Antiseptic, cotton, bandages, clean scissors, wrapping cloth, ointment, and pain relief medicines. My father also makes it a point to leave home with ondem (helps with nausea or motion sickness) because my mom pukes every road trip. If you suffer from motion sickness, carry medication, some mints, and water. 


  • Road Trip Car Essentials 

Be sure to service your car before taking a road trip and ensure it’s in good conditions for the distance you intend to cover. Get your oil changed, tires refilled, etc. In the unlikely event, your car breaks down, have a helpline set up with your service station. They can arrange to tow and fix the vehicle. Also, make it practice carrying a car jack, puncture repair kit, jumping cables, a set of wrenches, a 3/8ths drive socket set, and multiple tip screwdriver.

Other handy items to ensure you carry in your car – 

  • Roadside signal flares 
  • Duct tape and WD40 
  • Transmission oil 
  • Break fluid 
  • Spare alternator, fan, and air conditioner belts

This way, you are prepared for any situation. 


  • Hygiene Items 

You should find plenty of places to stop by on your drive if you need to relieve yourself. Be sure to also carry some handy items like – toilet paper, a bidet, travel soap, wet towels, and sanitizers. They will serve you well 


  • A Comfortable Travel Pillow 

This is a massive game-changer for anyone going on long road trips that require driving for the better part of the day (4-8 hours). Generally, road trips are accompanied by stiff legs, sore backs, numb backsides, and cramps in your neck. Let’s be honest car interiors are not meant for sleeping. Those extra soft pillows you carry to cushion yourself on a bumpy ride do little to help the stiffness that settles eventually. 


This is why we suggest napEazy® for your road trips. Its design and structure give it definition while also feeling soft and comfortable. You can use it to support your back or arms and reduce pressure on your spine while you sit for long hours. 


You can try several different postures, like sleeping on your back or using it as a headrest. It also doubles as arm support for your gear shift hand. If you extend it, the possibilities are endless. 


Keeping in mind automobile safety regulations, we don’t recommend using the pillow in its open form to sleep face forward. Otherwise, get as creative as you want and use it for side support. Remember to use your safety belt at all times. 

Road Trip - napEazy®

Comfort is one part of your trip; there is a lot more you’ll need to stock up on. 


  • Snacks

Make sure to carry enough snacks. Keep snacks that have a slightly longer shelf life. Don’t carry meals, you can eat at restaurants on the way, besides you can’t store them. Also, avoid taking too many water bottles and throwing them away; it’s less sustainable. When my family and I go on road trips, we carry 5-liter cans of water that we refill in our home-use bottles. So we save on space and don’t have to worry about too many bottles on the car floor. 


  • Reusable cutlery 

If you are traveling with kids, reusable plastic cutlery is helpful. Still, suppose you’re trying to cut down on plastic. In that case, you can explore alternatives to cheap plastic like utensils designed for travel. 


  • Entertainment 

Long hours on the road can get very monotonous, and music can keep you entertained. Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, Gaana, and Saavan come with preset playlists that you can listen to on the go. 


  • COVID-19 Rules and Travel Precautions 


Research travel restrictions and rules/guidelines to follow regarding COVID-19 issued by your country’s government. 


  1. Be sure to carry sanitizer and soap with you. Wash your hands often to keep them clean. 
  2. Use a no-touch key while in public spaces to minimize contact with other surfaces. 
  3. Wear our mask at all times in public. Consider wearing the N95 masks over your cloth mask when in crowded places or coming in contact with others for added protection. 
  4. Carry documentation with you at all significant checkpoints and recheck COVID-19 guidelines in every local area you visit. 
  5. If you show signs of a cold, cough, or fever, cut short your trip and stay home/visit a doctor instead. 
  6. Keep in mind to check the latest travel restrictions, for example, lockdowns or sealed borders so  


You can still enjoy traveling now, as long as you stay safe and healthy. 


So remember, be prepared and have fun on your road trip. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 


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