Father's Day Gift - Something Unique And Shows That You Care

“Nothing is permanent except change.” ~Heraclitus 

We grow older and we see changes in almost every aspect of our life. The structure and quality of our sleep also change. After about age 60, our sleep cycles change from deep (slow-wave) to more rapid sleep cycles. We wake up more often and we sleep less. The difference between our sleep as young adults and as an old person can be an average of two hours. Does this affect our lifestyle? Definitely yes. 

Until Scientists and Researchers gave a clear statement, it was the misconception that older people don’t need as much sleep as younger ones. But now experts claim that that’s not the case. Regardless of age, we naturally need seven to eight hours of sleep for our body to function at its best. If you are not enjoying the night’s sleep peacefully, then what about daytime naps? Or does untimely napping disrupt your sleep cycle, ultimately resulting in less sleep and more daytime tiredness?

These questions were expressed in a recent study by researchers at the Weill Cornell Medical College in White Plains, New York. After that, they were published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (February 2011). The authors concluded that napping not only improves older people’s total sleep time but it also provides many cognitive benefits. Napping does not produce daytime drowsiness. 

Now we know the in-and-out importance of napping especially for elderly people, we certainly want our loved ones to get it even when travelling. And what’s better than gifting NapEazy to your Father this Father’s day. Sleep while travelling is incomplete without a NapEazy comfort pillow

napEazy Travel Pillow helps you sleep while traveling

In ancient times, there was a belief that the involvement of fathers in early childhood has important consequences on a child’s developmental and psychological outcomes over time. When fathers are involved in their baby’s sleep routine, their bond with their child strengthens. Not only that, but this gives support to the child’s mother. Surely our father did the same for us until this fast-paced life altered everything including stress-free sound sleep. Can we pay back our fathers their beneficence? Surely never, but yes we can do our best to give them comfort and happiness. 

NapEazy Comfort Pillow helps you to provide a complete solution to an easy and comfortable sleep that you can gift to your father. NapEazy can be used almost anywhere including Car, Train, Airplane and simply on any chair providing you back, front and side support. 

The major problem nowadays with elder people is fighting back pain and taking care of the spine and guess what-NapEazy supports all 3 spine zones of the neck, back and Lumbar in the Front, side and back sleeping.

napEazy Travel Pillow support all 3 spine zones

NapEazy is lightweight, sweat repellent, removable, machine washable, anti-microbial and Hypoallergenic. This encompasses everything that your Father typically needs.

Features of napEazy Travel Pillow

Father’s day is all about telling how much you love them, care for them and wish for a good and healthy life for them. It’s good to be vocal about it but let us support it by action. This Father’s day, gift them a NapEazy Comfort Pillow that they will cherish day and night.

Happy NapEazy Father’s day!

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