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NapEazy FAQs

Washing and care

Q – Can I wash the napEazy pillow cover?

A – Yes, it is machine washable, but doesn’t require regular cleaning because of it’s water-repellant technology since the dirt or stains can be wiped off. It also has anti-microbial properties making it easy to clean. Still, if you feel the need for washing, then be careful, so that the coat doesn’t wear off and damage the cloth. Check the materials page  on our website for detailed washing information.

Q – How do I wash the water-repellant napEazy fabric?

A – Use the zipper to remove the outer cover.

(Picture of the zipper on the fabric to be inserted here)

  1. Before washing it remove any residue of detergent or fabric softener from the washing machine.
  2. ‘Eco-drum’ clean your washing machine at regular intervals to ensure that.
  3. Ordinary detergents will damage the water-repellent coating, so use special waterproof cloth cleaner to wash the fabric.
  4. While washing, keep the water at room temperature and allow the cloth to drip dry.
  5. Avoid drying it in direct sunlight.

Icons for (<30 degrees on the washing machine, bucket wash, do not sun-dry) required.

Q – Can I clean the memory foam inside?

A – The memory foam is graphite infused, making it resistant to bacteria growth and moisture. It is also hypoallergenic and has anti-odorant qualities, making cleaning unnecessary. Also, any spillage during use would affect the cloth cover of napEazy, which is water-repellant. However, should you still require it cleaned, you can contact us @ _


Q – Will the telescopic channel break?

A – The high-grade aluminium used to make the telescopic channel is strong enough to hold all your weight. It will not break easily.

Q – Is the fabric cover removable?

A – Yes. Just unzip the cover near the telescopic channel and turn it inside out.

Q – Is the fabric waterproof?

A – The napEazy cover is water-repellent, not waterproof. Waterproof fabrics are less breathable. The fabric cover is treated with _ protector, the best type of water and stain-resistant coating in the textile industry. The cloths ability to repel water and stains will last for a long time.

Q – What is the difference between water-repellent and waterproof fabric in the market?

A – Waterproof fabric has an additional membrane that blocks heat, making the waterproof fabric less breathable. It causes a lot of problems with prolonged use because it traps heat as well.

Also, the waterproof fabric has high elastane content, making it extremely tight, causing memory foam to shrink and become less effective.

Colour and design information

Q – What if I like napEazy but want another colour fabric?

A – You can pick any colour you like from our range of designs, and we won’t charge any shipping fee. You would have to pay just $5 extra for each cover.

Q – When can I get to choose the style?

A – Once the campaign completes successfully, we will send you a web-form to choose the style.

Q – When do I get to choose the style/colour?

A – You will have to choose after the campaign ends on January 15th. You will be sent a survey to fill out your preferred rewards, your choice of colour, style, contact number, exact shipping address and full name.

Delivery and returns policy

Q – What happens if I want to return napEazy?

A – We charge a shipping fee on returns, but will refund the balance shipping fee in 2 weeks.

Q – Guaranteed delivery before March-2020?

A – We are well prepared and working tirelessly to ensure napEazy is shipped on-time. Still, in the absolute worst-case scenario, if something unexpected happens and we are unable to ship on-time. We will keep you posted ahead of time about the new delivery schedule. In such a situation, you have the right to decide if you still want to have napEazy after a delay in the delivery. If you choose not to have napEazy, then we will not ship your product and refund your money instantly.

Campaign information

Q – What happens after the campaign is successful?

A – Post successful campaign we shall do the following

Send a web-form requesting your full name, shipping address, contact number, style selection, etc.

Kickstarter shall deduct the pledge amount from your debit/ credit card/bank account and transfer it to us.

napEazy will start manufacturing your customized product.

napEazy team will also send you regular updates about our progress through email and on the Kickstarter page.

Once your napEazy is ready, napEazy team will send you shipping details and photos of napEazy for your reference.

Kickstarter and how to pledge

Q – What is Kickstarter? Is it your first time pledging on the platform?

A – Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform centred on creativity and merchandising, based in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a launchpad for innovators like us to raise funds for the initial production of our invention. Kickstarter helps us eliminate conventional distributors, retailers and middlemen, transferring these savings to backers like you by offering our innovative product at a discounted price.

Q – How do I pledge? Or pre-order my napEazy?

A – To pledge, you would first have to create a Kickstarter account.

 Then click the ‘back this project’ button our campaign page.

You will have to provide your shipping country, email and your credit/debit card details.

Rest assured your details are safe on Kickstarter and the pledge amount will only be deducted after the campaign is successful.

Q – What payment methods can I use?

A – You can use any debit or credit card associated with Visa, MasterCard or American Express, as well as Discover and JCB cards. You can also use Apple Pay. Kickstarter does not accept payments with PayPal.

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