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Date – 15th December 2019
Venue – Ritz Carlton

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napeazy at entrepreneur live event

We were very excited and looking forward to the’s signature event Entrepreneur Live’s Bangalore chapter after a successful run in the USA and Singapore.  Our primary agenda was to showcase napEazy to the outside world and get their honest feedback. Along with that, we were also looking forward to interacting and networking with other start-ups, investors and esteemed guest speakers.

The one-day event garnered esteemed entrepreneurs like Dr Shalini Rajneesh, Ananth Narayan, Neha Dhupia, Sandipan Mitra, and Umesh Sachdev to share their experiences.

napEazy was at the display and we wanted to gain insights from the visitors to our stall.

We took two aircraft seats which allowed us to demonstrate napEazy in the best way possible. We received great feedbacks and interests which boosted our confidence that the time has come for us to showcase napEazy even more. This is extremely essential to us before the Kickstarter launch because we value the time and money of our prospect backers. Kickstarter is a platform we respect immensely because of their constant support and encouragement for innovation.

We participated in the pitching competition with ten other startups. We won the competition and this is what one of the judges Akram Ahmed, commented:

“I liked the pitch because it covered everything important within the time limit. napEazy’s pitch was best amongst other pitches because it was simple, effective, and on point. It was not complicated, as they defined the problem and spoke of how it was solved.”

(If you wish to take a look at the video you can follow this link to the event’s video on our Youtube channel)

We are ecstatic about our win and have learnt so much more than we asked for. Attending such events has now become a culture for napEazy. As a team we are now speaking with as many people, startups and investors as possible.

We look forward to your feedback here regarding what you felt about this story of ours.

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