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11 Ways To Be Comfortable On A Long Haul Flight

A brief guide to staying comfortable on a long flight and reaching your destination rested and refreshed.

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  1. Carry A Travel Pillow – If you can get a seat upgrade or afford business class/first-class seats, don’t worry about it. However, they can be useful either way. There are several different options to choose from; you can take a look at our guide to buying a travel neck pillow. There are just so many options to choose from it could drive you mad. Since our blog is brought to you by napEazy a convertible travel pillow that lets you sleep in multiple positions on a seat. You can check out the homepage of this website if you want to buy one.


Comfortable On Long Flight - Front sleeping posture with napEazy


  1. Blankets – Cabin temperature is centrally regulated, so it’s best to carry a blanket along with you. Even though they provide them in flight, they don’t wash them as regularly as you would want them to. You cannot be sure of their hygiene, hence it’s best not to risk it. Carry it in your carry on bag if you’re the kind of person who sleeps on long journeys.


  1. Eye Mask – Sunlight or bright cabin lights are not helpful when you’re trying to get some shut-eye. Even if you switch off the light above your seat, you can’t expect your neighbour to do the same. Carry an eye mask so you can get some uninterrupted sleep on a long flight. It’s especially helpful if you’re traveling by day and need to get a short nap to stay refreshed upon arrival. (However, experts recommend that you avoid napping during the day because it disrupts the circadian rhythm and makes jet lag worse).


Comfortable On Long Flight - Eye Mask


  1. Walk For Some Blood Circulation – Sitting for long hours will eventually make your feet stiff. Leaving your body sore and making it more difficult to recover from jet lag. Walking in the aisle would help increase blood circulation and make your flight more comfortable. You can do this when it’s safe to move about i.e., not during take-off, landing and turbulence.


  1. Comfortable Clothes – Wear destination-appropriate clothing.. If you’re travelling to someplace hot, then carry some extra jackets in your carry on luggage to stay warm on the flight and take it off when you land. Also, make sure it’s comfortable enough for that long flight. For example, avoid wearing tight jeans that would make it very uncomfortable for you to sleep. Baggy pants, sweatshirt, stretchable leggings and t-shirts are some comfortable options. For inspiration, you could take a look at celebrity airport looks to find out what you could try to be comfortable that would look good.


  1. Hydrate – the air conditioning makes your skin and throat dry because of the lack of moisture in the air. Stay hydrated, or you might develop a headache. Carry a water bottle with you or buy water on the flight. Take those frequent trips to the bathroom if you need too, but keep yourself hydrated.


Comfortable On Long Flight Hydrating Before Travel


  1. Skin Hydration – Your skin is also likely to become dry, or extremely oily depending on the temperature in the cabin. Carry some moisturiser and face wash in your carry-on bag so that you can freshen up before you land. There are travel-sized packages of most hygiene products that you can purchase beforehand, like hand creams, wet wipes, and sanitizers.


  1. Avoid The Noise – Noise won’t help you sleep, so carry headphones or earmuffs to quieten the noise. Seats at the back of the plane are usually noisier because you can hear the engine, so take extra care. Not to mention the possibility of being stuck on a long flight with a wailing child. Noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs would be best in this case. You could also carry earmuffs. They will reduce the noise for them and also keep the cold air from entering the ears.


  1. Get A Good Seat – Every person has their preferences when it comes to the right seat. If you’re tall, it’s best to choose an aisle seat, so you have enough space to stretch your legs. If you frequently nap on flights, then you might prefer the window seat, so it’s easier to get some sleep. While it is difficult to find the perfect seat booking tickets in advance would help. Also If you don’t get the seat you want, you can always approach the help desk at your gate and ask them if they have any available in the position you want. If you can get a seat towards the front of the plane, you would avoid the engine noise and smell of the bathroom.


  1. Socks– the cabin can get very cold sometimes and carrying socks with you is never a bad idea. There are also specially designed travel socks that promote blood circulation in your feet. Sitting in a seat for long hours causes the muscles to become stiff and strained and reduces blood circulation in the feet. Specially designed socks called compression socks promote circulation making you journey more comfortable. These cost around $40 but worth it if you travel often.


Comfortable On Long Flight - Compression Socks

  1. Meal – Airlines provide food on the flight, but they are not always the right food choice while travelling by aeroplane. Greasy food like burgers or fries is likely to make you feel lethargic. Try choosing healthier, less oily food like fruits, carrots or other vegetables. You could even carry them with you from home in a small container to save you the trouble of buying something on the flight. You can check out Stasher Bag products for that.


These are just some of the things you can do. If there are any more tips you have from personal experience, leave them in the comments below. So you can help others make their journeys as memorable as their destinations.

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