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Travel With Kids

10 Surprisingly Easy Tips To Travel With Kids Now

Traveling with kids can and should be an easy affair, a chance for you to enjoy your time as a family. So where should you start?

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Traveling with kids is considered a near-impossible feat, the dread of every parent. But, there are a few things you can do to get started on that long family holiday you have always been planning. 

Before You Travel With Kids

1. Plan Your Accommodation, Transport, And Itinerary In Advance 

Take the time to research your destination, and learn about the best accommodation to suit your family needs. Hotels should be booked in advance because your family would be too tired to look for one after landing. 

Besides, booking in advance would help you save time and mean you have a place to rest. Be sure to do the same with your transportation around the destination you travel to, if possible. Otherwise, you can look for local transport after reaching your hotel. You can still research this in advance. 

Pre-booking flights two or three months earlier will help you get a lower ticket price so you can save more when you travel with your kids. 

Plan your sightseeing visits, along with the possible modes of transport. 

Travel With Kids - Plan In Advance

2. When You Travel With Kids Pack Essentials Beforehand

Remember that you might not get the same brand of baby products wherever you go. So be sure to buy diapers, baby wipes, and pacifiers beforehand. If your kids are very young, you should decide whether you want a stroller, carrier, or sling along with you. If you have plans to hike, you can avoid carrying the baby with a sling.

3. Carry Enough Food And Snacks For Your Kids While Traveling

Keep in mind that enough food and snacks are always helpful. Whether you are traveling by bus, car, or plane there and your kids will get hungry. It would keep them occupied enough until you can get a real meal. 

Travel With Kids - Carry Enough Food

4. Explain The Journey

Children are not always comfortable traveling, and for many, this may even be their first time. Try to take the time out to explain where, how, when, and why you are visiting a place. It would get them more involved in the vacation and keep you more in control of the situation. Kids get uncomfortable when they don’t understand what is going on.¬†

Explaining the journey is something you should do while on your trip as well, explain to them why you have taken a taxi or why you need to buckle up. You can even turn it into an adventure with the help of a story. Yes, it would help if you carried your kid’s favorite storybooks, especially those related to travel or those that settle them down.

5. Leave Early

When you travel with kids, give yourself enough time to get through airport security. Leave home sooner than you usually would. Traveling with kids is a handful while getting through airport security. If you are a coffee person, you will need to fill up your travel coffee mug before boarding.

Travel With Kids - Leave Early

While You Travel With Kids 

6. Pack A Few Toys To Keep Kids Entertained While Traveling 

You may have to wait a while at the airport or while you check-in. So it’s a good idea to carry your kid’s favorite toy (preferably something small) to keep them entertained. It is also useful for when they get homesick.

You could also carry a doodle board, their favorite songs, or movies pre-downloaded. Remember to remove the batteries from the toys that go in the check-in baggage. Toys that can fly around or fall out should not be in your carry-on luggage, like toy drones, model trains, etc. They might annoy your co-passengers. 

Travel With Kids - Carry Toys

7. Buy A Small Camera For Your Child Or Use An Old Phone

When you travel with kids, it is a great idea to give them a camera. They can capture images and memories through their unique perspective. It can also keep them immersed in the experience and enjoy it more. 

The cotton-candy clouds underneath the giant metal bird they are traveling in would be a great story to tell their friends. As the airplane lands, and the ground rushes upwards to meet them. They can have yet another beautiful memory of their trip to Kenya.

Travel With Kids - Buy Your Kids A Camera

8. Invest In A GPS Tracker 

Suppose you are traveling as the only parent or guardian. Then a GPS tracker will help make sure the kids stay within range. There are some available on Amazon. 

9. Take Breaks And Have Plenty Of Rest Time

You might have a lot planned for your trip, but you cannot squeeze in too much in one day while traveling with kids. Give yourself breaks. Give yourself breaks between each activity so that you get plenty of rest and enjoy your trip. 

10. Keep Calm And Be Prepared For Anything 

No matter how much you plan. There will be something that goes wrong when you travel with your kids. Do not let it upset you, take it in stride and enjoy yourself, you are on vacation. 

Travel With Kids - Keep Calm And Be Prepared For Anything



Before you go on your actual trip, take a small weekend getaway with your children as a sort of test run. This would help you figure out how your child would react to a new environment, what they would need in terms of food, or some kind of comfort. You would definitely be better prepared if you do this.


Preparing your child for travel is a gruelling process. Once again, take the time to explain the journey to them, before you leave, while travelling, and after you arrive. It’s all part of the experience. Answer all their questions, why, how, when, what, who? Their curiosity will add to the magic of your trip.

We’ve prepared a list of items (by parents traveling with kids regularly) that would help you plan better.


Kill two birds with one stone, you can keep your kids toys, doodle pads and crayons in a small kids bag that they can carry. While also keeping the items handy when necessary. Most flights allow hand baggage allowance of one bag weighing a maximum of 10kg if you have a two-year-old sitting on your knees. Also, parents with children of up to 11 years of age can carry one collapsible stroller free of charge.

Kids trolley luggage

Travel With Kids - Kids Luggage

Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag

There are quite a few toilet seat sanitizers available. It is essentially a spray that you can use to sanitize the area before letting your child use the bathroom. You could use toilet seat bands or wipe the toilet seats before you or your kid uses the public toilet. This is a great way to be conscious of hygiene. You can also take the opportunity to teach your child about cleanliness while using public toilets if you haven’t already. It’s also wise to apply hand sanitizer after using the toilet and before having a meal or snacks. The last thing you would want is to fall sick during your journey.

Toilet Sanitizer


Are especially necessary if you are travelling with infants, they are available in the local supermarket. They are perfect for travel because you can hold onto it for a while before disposing of it without a mess.

Disposable Diaper Bags


These are available in a small pack, so it’s perfect for travel to take care of your baby’s skin needs. Also carry some moisturiser or body cream that your child is familiar with. However, it’s best to consult your paediatrician about which one to choose.

Diaper Creams

Consider carrying a thermometer and basic medicines. Vomiting and fever, are a possibility while travelling with kids, so be prepared with some paracetamol and tablets you are familiar with.


Sounds obvious enough but just like your own needs you need to make sure your baby stays hydrated.


You can choose Silicone Bibs as well, as they can be washed and reused. It’s a great way to keep your kid’s clothes from getting dirty while feeding them on the plane.



Socks, Sweater, Mittens For Babies Or Kids

Are doubly important, because children tend to kick off blankets sometimes so keeping their feet warm with socks, or mittens will ensure they stay warm. For the same reason, sweaters or jackets that are warm would be more effective than blankets.


For young children that will need to move about a bit, knee caps would protect their tender knees. They are best worn over pants or clothes that fully cover their legs.


Whether it’s tired moms or dads, you do need your break. Carry a portable coffee mugs that are easily cleaned with coffee powder or sachets, so you can take your much-needed coffee break on the go. Take care of yourself too busy parents.

Carry A Mug

P.S. – The images used are for presentation purposes only. We do not endorse any of the brands shown in this blog.

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