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Sleep Deprivation Statistics From Around The World Which countries get the least sleep?

Sleep Deprivation Statistics

Does your country have a bad sleeping culture?

Find out whether you belong to a country with bad sleeping culture and you can learn how to overcome sleep deprivation from another article recommended below.

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A person who is not well slept and yawns at work

In a recent study by the research firm, KJT Group, on behalf of Philips Global Sleep Survey 2019, found that some of the best sleepers were in India, Saudi Arabia, and China. Some of the worst were from South Korea, Japan, and Singapore.

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Lack of sleep and overwork have detrimental effects on long term health and productivity. By consistently sleeping for 6 hours or less, for two weeks or more, you increase the chances of early death by 13%.

But unfortunately, many people in different countries around the world, sleep for seven hours or less.

Some countries who get the least sleep include:

  1. Japan (less than 6 hours 20 minutes)
  2. South Korea (less than 6 hours 30 minutes)
  3. Saudi Arabia (less than 6 hours 30 minutes)
  4. The Philippines (less than 6 hours 45 minutes)
  5. Malaysia (less than 6 hours 45 minutes)

Graph showing statistics of countries who get least sleep

Some who get better sleep include:

  1. New Zealand (7 hours and 30 minutes)
  2. The Netherlands (7 hours and 28 minutes)
  3. Finland (7 hours and 26 minutes)
  4. Great Britain (7 hours and 24 minutes)
  5. Ireland (7 hours and 22 minutes)

Graph showing statistics of countries who get better sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, every adult needs between seven to nine hours of sleep. A recent survey by Philips Global Sleep Survey 2019, found that Canada and Singapore reported worry and stress as a reason for lack of sleep. 63% of Canadian felt they did not get enough sleep, while 61% of Singaporeans reported the same.

Sleep deprivation reduces productivity. According to a survey by the Rand Corporation, the USA loses around 1.2 million working days every year due to lack of sleep. It’s a loss that amounts to $411 billion a year, or 2.28% of America’s GDP. A chronic lack of sleep causes obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, in addition to a higher mortality rate, raising concerns about the health of the world.

All of the data collected from the surveys still show that the average world population is still not getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep that they need. A fact that everyone needs to take more seriously and work on improving. Not just for economic gain but a healthier life.




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