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napEazy Versus Neck Pillow

NapEazy VS Neck Pillow

How is napEazy Beneficial As Compared To A Neck Pillow


Learn the benefits of using napEazy compared to a neck pillow and never experience neck and back pain while seated.

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Learn how napEazy can make your travels comfortable.

  •    It can be extended and has a sling, too, allowing Multi-Posture Sleep. 
  •    Breathable fabric to prevent the face and neck from sweating.
  •    You can use it as an armrest.
  •    Possesses a pouch at the back to contain your travel essentials. 
  •    You can use it during travel, daily commutes, and also your workplace desk. 

  What is a neck pillow?

A neck pillow is a kind of travel pillow that supports your neck and head as you sleep in a sitting position. Designed  and patented in 1929, it saw little improvements until air travel growth recently. The U-shaped neck pillow is the most common type of travel pillows.

A recent study of 128 people found, exercise & a neck support pillow effectively relieve their chronic neck pain. Compared to people who only take exercise-treatment from a physical therapist to treat chronic neck pain.

According to the study, the right support and neck pillow could reduce chronic neck pain’s likely impact. The reason is simple: every person’s spine has a normal curvature called a lordotic cervical curve.

NapEazy Vs Neck Pillow Kyphosis And Lordosis


Experts are often of the opinion that the right pillow is subject to the user’s unique needs.

So how do you choose the right travel pillow?

We design travel pillows for travel, and many people still use it for just that. With so many options and brands to choose from, it is quite overwhelming.

Let’s compare napEazy with a typical neck pillow based on the various factors: 


NapEazy Vs Neck Pillow Comparison

napEazy is an extendable pillow that splits from the middle, helping you sleep on your side, front, or back. You can use the additional sling when there is no support in front of you—thereby protecting yourself from the embarrassment of an unfortunate fall on a co-passenger. NapEazy foam comes with biocrystal® beads that increase energy flow in your body, reducing stress and fatigue to help you sleep better. It’s also anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. The breathable fabric makes your naps sweat-proof too.

You can comfortably use an eye mask, headphones/earphone while napping on napEazy. NapEazy also doubles as an armrest or a stand for your phone when you’re not sleeping.

NapEazy As An Armrest


A Neck Pillow is a U Shaped Travel Pillow that supports your neck. Some are made of memory foam, while others are inflatable. Although the inflatable ones take up less space, they hardly serve the purpose. A passenger needs to stay in an upright position to get its benefits.


napEazy comes between $35 to $45 during the Kickstarter Campaign. At this price, it encompasses the benefits of products worth $100 if you also purchase a pillow for back support, neck support, side support, and front support. You can still preorder napEazy for $49 on our IndieGoGo In-demand Campaign at a 34% discount. 

Some neck pillows begin to sag and lose shape after a few uses, or the fabric gets dirty and tears. Even some expensive travel pillows cannot last the test of time. Check reviews for the pillow you’re considering and be sure of its durability before you buy it.


napEazy is less than 550gms in weight. It has a button and a loop that can be easily attached to your backpack, handbag, day bag, or suitcase.

NapEazy While Traveling


The goal is to use it for travel, or you could carry a pillow from home. It should be light, transportable, and travel-friendly. Inflatable travel pillows are useful for this purpose since you can inflate them in two or three breaths, and they take up less space.
Many neck pillows now come with hooks or clip-on features to attach to your bag while you travel. It is helping you save space for more clothes or other essentials you may need. Consider a travel pillow that won’t weigh you down and manage easily while also serving its purpose.


napEazy, with its premium design and choice of fabric and stitch, looks very elegant when carried around. Since it is non-wearable, it can look neat and comfy even when used at your workplace. You do not need to end up looking messy after a nap at the office. We have designed it, keeping your daily commutes in mind too. Daily commutes in cars, especially when you are stuck in traffic, can make it annoying. Consider using napEazy at the back seat of your on the sides or as back support.

Lady napping using napEazy

Your colleagues will envy your energy every morning, without you having to depend on your cup of coffee (not that we are against it!).

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