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Correct Your Posture Today In 3 Proven Easy Ways

Correct Your Posture _

Correct Your Posture Today In 3 Proven Easy Ways

Correct Your Posture with some simple lifestyle changes for better health

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Correct your posture was something I heard my mother tell me so often growing up. In other words, don’t slouch, sit up straight, keep your shoulder out. But, it’s hard to have good posture while using the furniture we have today.

A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind
Morihei Ueshiba

Firstly, good health starts with the mindfulness of our habits. We need to start walking and standing often.

Did you know that the natural shape of the spine is a J, not an ‘S’ like we are taught to think?

Therefore, sitting in a chair is not natural, and harms our spinal cord. In other words, we need to relearn habits we knew as children. Continuously sitting in a chair for long hours causes damage to our core. When you sit on a chair, maintaining the correct posture is crucial.

  Correct Your Posture - In 3 ways

For example, there are some measures you can take while using existing furniture.

Correct Your Posture In A Sofa

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A recent study found that 1/5th of the people who purchased luxury sofa’s report backache and shoulder pain.

For instance, sofas encourage you to slouch and ruin your posture. Subsequently leading to problems like muscle and joint pain, mood swings, and heart disease risk.

Sofas are soft and causing your back to sink into them, curving it into a C shape that causes the long term pain.

To sit with better posture on your sofa, try;

Stretch Sitting; sit on the couch, and stretch your legs in front of you. Use a pillow to prop your back into a more vertical position to not slump forward.

Or Reclining; lie down on the sofa entirely so that your back is straight and not curved.

Or Stacksit; sit on the arm of the chair with you back straight.

Remember to avoid letting your back sink into the sofa and curve. You only need the right posture to make the best use of your couch!

In contrast, you can buy new furniture that’s designed to correct your posture.

Correct Your Posture With An Ergonomic Chair

Firstly, ergonomic chairs help you adjust to find that perfect body fit, unlike most office chairs.

They are one way you can correct your posture while working at a desk for long hours. For instance, it reduces back pain and brings a more positive outlook to your work. Additionally, making you productive, motivated, and preventing the development of chronic diseases.

Better hip and pelvis movement

When we sit on a chair, our pelvis tilts backward into a position called the Posterior Pelvic Tilt. Consequently leading to a strain on the lumbar region of your spine. As a result, causing pain in the muscles and ligaments of the lower back. An ergonomic chair will help prevent strain on your pelvis.

Less slouching and lousy posture.

Likewise, in an ordinary chair, your hip tilts back, causing your shoulders to slump. Ergonomic chairs have an adjustable seat and back support that you can use to correct your posture. However, they can’t change your sitting habits.

More comfort

Ergonomic chairs elevate your arms and back support and take your wrists’ pressure. Further reducing pain and ensuring better comfort.

Reduced risk of sitting disease.

Sitting disease is such a common problem. We don’t take it seriously enough. It’s the cause of diseases like weight gain, obesity, heart attacks, and cancer. Moreover, sitting for long hours in bad posture has worse consequences than we realize. We cover more about this in our blog topic, Why Sitting Disease Is A Silent Killer With A Simple Solution. This is chiefly the reason ergonomic chairs are useful for combating some of its effects.

Correcting Your Posture With NapEazy

You can likewise correct your posture with simple hacks. In case you can’t have an ergonomic chair at work. You can look for other economic and straightforward solutions. NapEazy is an ergonomic pillow designed for multi posture napping and support to your spine. NapEazy splits into a longer pillow to support your spinal cord support while sitting in a chair. In it’s closed form, you can use it to prop up your lower back and achieve that natural J curve of your spine.

Meanwhile, it helps release pressure and reduces pain in your back and shoulders. Our blog is by napEazy, and we have a live IndieGoGo In-demand campaign. You can visit the page here for more information on how napEazy can help you.

Correct Your Posture - Benefit of napEazy

Correct Your Posture By Sitting On The Floor


One uncommon thing about western culture is sitting on the floor. Although it’s prevalent in other eastern cultures. Still, our time at home and work is also spent on a desk. Instead, sitting on the floor can be therapeutic and can correct your posture.


We can give you 5 reasons to switch to sitting on the floor today to correct your posture.


  • Firstly, it improves posture because you naturally push your shoulders back and straightens your spine.
  • Secondly, it strengthens your spinal cord because better posture activates your core muscles.
  • Thirdly, sitting cross-legged stretches your pelvis, hips, spine, and legs encouraging natural flexibility.
  • Fourthly, it increases muscle mobility and activates all your core muscles.
  • Finally, it reduces hip tension caused by sitting in a chair for long hours.

Here are some examples for you to correct your posture while sitting on the floor.

Kneeling – Like the Japanese

Correct Your Posture Sit In The Floor - Kneeling

Cross-legged – Like a Yoga pose

Correct Your Posture Sit In The Floor - Crosslegged

Bent Sit – Like you’re stretching your muscles

Correct Your Posture Sit In The Floor - Bent Sit

Side Sit – Like you’re posing on the beach

Correct Your Posture Sit In The Floor - Side Sit

Long Sit – Like you want to touch your toes

Correct Your Posture Sit In The Floor - Long Sit

Squat Sit – Like you’re inspecting the floor

Correct Your Posture Sit On The Floor - Squat Sit

Correct Your Posture For Better Health

Each of these postures activaes your glute muscles and forces you to use your thigh muscles. For example, sitting long hours weakens them making it difficult for us to walk or do other activities. These are natural sitting positions you might take if you had to sit on the floor and had no furniture. Sometimes it’s all about reconnecting with our roots and natural instincts.

To sum up, our health is in our hands; more often, we are stuck in bad habits that cause our problems. We can combat them with some conscious lifestyle changes. If you enjoyed this article and want more tips for staying healthy, you might like some of these articles.


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