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8 Reasons Multitasking Is Misleading & How To Be Effective Without it


8 Reasons Multitasking Is Unproductive & How To Be Effective Without It

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Multitasking is unproductive and is the way of the past, you can manage your time without being misled by it. Although, parents are those sub-species who must multitask and perform irrespective. One should reduce multitasking as much as possible for maximum productivity.

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When I sat down to write this article, I had ten other things on my list to write—all snippets of content for various purposes. I ended up completing five of them while coming back and concentrating on this piece. In the end, I didn’t write my first draft with the full attention that I wanted to have. The day is up, and I feel worse off because I didn’t reach my goal. That is how, with multitasking, I became unproductive and stressed by the end of the day.

You must have felt this way at some point. We always hear how productive multitasking helps us become. However, I did finish a sizable portion of my tasks for the day, with only half my concentration. I will go back and change it now because it sounds awful.

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Didn’t I just multitask? Wasn’t I productive saving time?

Most people would say yes.

I disagree.

I got so caught up with efficiency that I wrote some subpar content. This is part of the problem with trying to multitask, you can never give your full attention to something.

Here is how multitasking wasn’t an option for me and how I struggled with my productivity and time management.

I had to rewrite or rather spend twice the time I would have liked to edit this article-I didn’t save time. I could have written it better in the first instance had I been concentrating on it fully without any distractions.

What happened?

Multitasking took my focus from what I was doing. It asked my brain to switch my concentration between tasks. It was mentally exhausting and reduced the quality of my work.

Multitasking involves smartly combining tasks that don’t require an equal amount of your focus.

It is impossible to do anyway. How can we do three things at once unless we have three brains, six hands, and legs? Still, in some circumstances, it’s possible.

For example, listening to the radio while running. Both tasks don’t require the same parts of the brain. However, writing on paper and typing at the same time. These are similar tasks and need full attention.

Multitasking is unproductive when done incorrectly.

Multitasking is misleading - Why

However, if we were to avoid multitasking and focus on a single task at a time, we might see dramatically different results by being overtly productive.

Increased Focus

Multitasking is misleading - stay focused

Focusing leads to fewer mistakes and is an obvious benefit. That’s going to save you the time of fixing them and redoing the same things.

Improved Productivity

Multitasking is misleading - Improve your productivity

Our productivity improves as we work through each task quickly and with complete concentration.

Reduced Stress

Multitasking is misleading - Reduce your stress

Stress and anxiety will reduce because you don’t have a hundred things to complete. We can be happier and satisfied with our work.

Increased Creativity

Multitasking is misleading - Improve your creativity

We can be creative with our work because we focus on our job, instead of worrying about all the things we have to finish on our list. It’s getting our priorities straight and saying no to the things we can’t do.

Better Discipline

Multitasking is misleading - have better discipline

Our discipline improves along with our attention span. While you focus on each task, you train yourself to avoid distractions and improve attention.

Enhanced Relationships

Multitasking is misleading - invest in your relationships

We can start living in the present and improve our relationships with colleagues, friends, and family.

Increased Efficiency

Multitasking is misleading - Increase your efficiency

The bottom line is we are making the best use of our time by approaching things one at a time. That’s not to say you can’t listen to music while you cook. On the other hand, avoid replying to every email or text while working on a draft. (Hint for me to start single-tasking now).

Goal Mindset

Multitasking is misleading - be goal oriented

Setting goals and priorities is easy because your productivity improves.

How can we start single-tasking?

Make a task list for the day

Set the time required to complete each task for the day. Start by assigning the priority, severity, and difficulty of the job. Work on assignments with the highest priority first, and so on and so forth. Remember to add some buffer to your timetable. The world is an exciting place, my friend, not everything works as planned. There might be instances when a new task appears from the horizon that needs to be done urgently.

Add buffer time between tasks

It’s important to include breaks between each task. You need a changed perspective or a chance to let your engine cool down. Set a timer around half an hour, or 25 minutes before you take a break. Your break could last 5 minutes in that case. As your concentration improves, you can take breaks less frequently. Have some coffee, water, or tea, speak to someone. Anyway, you need to relax. If you like napping, you can consider using napEazy, an ergonomic pillow for napping anywhere outside the home. It’s great to use while at work because of its lumbar support in a seat.

Get rid of your distractions

Check your phone messages and emails during fixed times of the day. During your break at the start or end of your workday. Don’t let them distract you while you work. Since we are working from home, you can leave your electronics in another room.

Take each task at a time, do it well. It’s not about getting a lot of things done at once, it’s about doing them well. You can work efficiently and save time if you learn to work faster on each individual task you take up. That is the power of single-tasking.

Multitasking is misleading - Success quote by Vince Lombardi






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