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17 Epic And Awesome Entertainment ideas For Kids In Quarantine

Entertain Kids At Home

17 Epic & Awesome Entertainment ideas For Kids In Quarantine

Entertainment ideas for kids in quarantine require an exhaustive imagination. It’s tough being efficient around kids, it may not be rocket science. But, you do run out of ideas sometimes, to entertain your kids while you work. 

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17 Epic & Awesome Entertainment ideas For Kids In Quarantine

As a parent facing a pandemic, you have many concerns, from the safety of your family, your job, to just getting through each day. We heard the cry of every parent as they ran out of ideas for things to entertain children in quarantine.

  • If this is a regular scene in your household, you might not be alone. Speaking as a mother of a 4-year-old girl who keeps me extremely busy. I wanted to share my experience with my daughter from when she was a baby to date. I can assure you one thing, I know what you must be going through.

Do not be a rock, be a diamond, and shine for your kid.   – Sarit Prajna

Entertainment Ideas For Kids In Quarantine – Tips for New Parents

As new parents, everything appears challenging. If you decided to get back to work within the first few months of having a baby, then we know how difficult it can be for both you and your baby.

Set a sleep schedule and routine for the baby

This is necessary, or you will find yourself busy the entire day without getting much done. Plan your day immediately after waking up in the morning, or just before bed the previous night. Both your baby and your routine should go well together. Try to get some things done before your baby wakes up in the morning. The most important thing is to relax, meditate, read, or book, basically anything that calms you. The day will bring madness and chaos with it, your mornings should be very much in your control.

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Take naps along with your baby whenever possible

If you have planned your day accordingly, then you could take a nap with your baby to refuel for the rest of the day. The baby will also feel assured and sleep well. But do not allow him/her to take longer naps or she will sleep poorly at night.

Try to get essential work sorted while the baby is sleeping

Also, babies nap a couple of times during the day, that is when you can aim to complete work that requires the most focus.

Entertainment ideas for kids in quarantine - tips for new parents

Entertainment Ideas For Kids In Quarantine – Points To Remember 

Get some me-time, and don’t give up on your hobbies

  • Share your experience with other parents.
  • Share household responsibilities with your partner whenever possible.
  • Do not stop socializing just because you have a newborn.
  • Stay in touch with at least one person who can empathize with you.

Let the baby learn free and play while you are working

  • Give her things to make a mess with like, buckets of grains or pulses, crayons to scribble on a big surface.
  • Lay safety mats on the floor and make your house baby proof.
  • Have someone watch over the child when you are in a meeting or have a baby monitoring device.
  • For the babies who can sit, make them sit on a high chair while they eat their finger foods.
  • Play with their rattles.
  • Watch your work and observe your activities.
  • Listen to their favorite song.

Set up a playpen for babies who can crawl

  • Give them play balls while they sit inside.
  • Give them their favorite stuffed toys.
  • They can be with their play dates in the playpen too.

Entertainment Ideas For Kids In Quarantine – Tips for parents of younger kids

Entertainment Ideas for Kids in Quarantine - Some advice to improve your relationship with your kids

Be Calm

Although you might be thinking, I know that. Just tell me how to stay calm. My answer is not to meditate or do yoga. You did not come here to read this, right? To be peaceful, or even happy around your kids, you first need to be that yourself. To do that, you have to let it go. You have to be forgiving towards anybody you feel angry, dissatisfied, or any negative feeling. Or you will not be able to raise happy kids. They will see through you.

Be Creative

Come up with ideas that would flourish their creativity. Give them paint color, play-doh, magazines, or newspapers to cut, grains, and pulses to sort. Make a marketplace of their own to sell goods. Make jewelry, play in the garden, if you have the luxury. Reward them for any good deed. Design a timetable when you assign tasks to each other. You will stay in control that way.

Be Involved

Understand what is going on in their life. Understand their needs and wants. When they feel like you get them, they will strive less to get your attention. Your presence alone would be enough. Have meals together. Restrict your time with technology and acknowledge that previous generations lived without them without difficulty. Interact with proper body language and eye contact. Sing and dance to theirs or your favorite songs. Learn a new musical instrument, learn a new language, plan an upcoming trip, look at the old pictures when they were babies or when you were young. Share stories with them from your childhood, especially the ones when you made a mistake and what you learned. They can benefit from your experience.

Be There for them

Especially when your kids are hurt emotionally or physically. Feel their pain by being in their position. Relive your childhood through them.

Entertainment Ideas For Kids In Quarantine

What can you do that’s different?

We made a clear and concise list of activities you can do to entertain your kids in quarantine. It’ll keep them busy and make sure they learn something new every day.

Step 1: Successfully keeping your kids from crashing your meetings. 

Kids need challenges as their brain is developing, and monotonous activities will cause them to lose focus. This is when their inner monster is activated, and they begin crashing your meetings.

Entertainment Ideas for Kids in Quarantine – Activities that challenge them 

  • Plant a Garden –

You might have extra time now that you are working from home, this means you can turn that attention to your garden. You can let your children pick the seeds you want to plant. They could be flowers, vegetables of some fruit. Let them get their hands dirty, and learn to sow the seeds, water them, and give them attention. It is a chance to bond and teach them life skills. You can watch as the plants grow and even share in the fruit or vegetable they grew.

Entertainment ideas for kids in quarantine - Plant a garden

  • Science Kits –

Science kits for kids are a great way to blend learning and fun. Children can learn practical science while they have fun mixing chemicals. Some of these ingredients are available at home in your kitchen. It’s novel and exciting, so your kids will enjoy it.

Entertainment ideas for kids in quarantine - Science Kits

  • Virtual Tour –

Take a virtual tour of the Louvre, Yellowstone National Park, Boston Children’s Museum, Sequoia National Park, British Museum, Acadia National Park, and more. It would allow your kids to learn something new each day. Pique their interest in history, geography, and biology, developing their curiosity and desire to explore. When travel is safer, you could even plan an in-house visit to these places.

  • Explore the surface of Mars –

Visit NASA’s webpage and resources on the surface of Mars, you can even take a Virtual Tour of the surface of Mars through a WebVR program.

Entertainment ideas for kids in quarantine - Virtual Tour

  • Animal fact sheet –

Pick an animal with your child and have them list everything they know about them. Let the list get as long as possible and then go back and research that animal with your child. You could learn new things about it and make corrections about what you listed if necessary.

Entertainment ideas for kids in quarantine - Dinosaur book

Step 2: Sticking to the basics

Entertainment Ideas for Kids in Quarantine – Simple methods  

  • Draw and paint –

You can get your children to practice drawing something they watched on TV. Pictures of birds, animals, or plants that they have seen are choice options. You can use some YouTube tutorials to find simple drawing methods for kids. Introduce your children to pastels and poster paint and turn them loose on a blank canvas.

  • Puzzles –

You can order some if you don’t have them, or replenish your stock if they have already done them. It is a great way to keep them engaged for a long time. Depending on how small the puzzle pieces are and what the picture is like.

  • Workbooks –

With schools closed, and online classes lasting for a short part of the day. They will help with practice while your kids are home. Language and mathematics workbooks can help your kids remember what they learned and retain that information.

Step 3: Try something new. 

Entertainment Ideas for Kids in Quarantine – Other Fun activities 

  • Obstacle course

You can create your own obstacle course indoors or in your backyard. You can use pillows and chairs, use colorful chalk to draw on your driveway. Weave their favorite characters into a new story and have them explore your backyard for buried treasure or an artifact. You little explorers will spend time away from screens.

Entertainment ideas for kids in quarantine - Obstacle games

  • Write to a pen pal.

Have your child write to one of their friends. Good old fashioned letters that you can help them mail to their friends. It’s a great way to encourage writing and keeping in touch with their friends without technology.

  • Train your dog

Use the extra time you have at home, you can use it to train your pet dog, cat, or bird. Involve your children in the process, so they can learn how to interact with them. It’s also fun and a way for them to bond and spend time with your pets.

Entertainment ideas for kids in quarantine - Train your dog

  • Teach them to Cook

Cooking, cleaning, and basic housekeeping are essential life skills. The earlier you start, the better the impact on their life. The bonus is that you have fewer chores to finish before working from home.

Entertainment ideas for kids in quarantine - Teach your kids to cook

  • Camping in your backyard

Take out the tents you saved for a camping trip this summer and use in your yard. You can even have a barbecue and take a break from work to spend quality time with your family. Tell stories around a campfire, or improvise with torches. It’s an activity with which the whole family can enjoy.

  • Show and Tell

Let the whole family participate, pick everyday objects, and have each member talk about or share their reason for choosing that item. You can even select a theme, like an item you would carry with you on a trip.

Entertainment ideas for kids in quarantine - Show and Tell activities for kids

  • Cardboard city planning

You can use some of the old cardboard boxes, empty Amazon boxes you have at home. Turn them into a fort that your children can play in.

  • Family book club

Use some of the books you already have, or buy new books for your children. Members of your family can read the book and have a discussion about it. Ask your kid questions about the characters or the story and what they learned from them.

  • DIY Board games

You’ll need some chart paper, markers, and other stationery. Pick a theme your child likes and have them design their own board game. You can work together to assign points or decide what the goal of the game will be.

Entertainment ideas for kids in quarantine - Board games for kids

Working from home is a tough balance to keep. Your private and professional lives are mixing up. It’s a challenge and would take time for you to adjust, but keep looking for ways that you can help support your children. These are just a few ideas to get you started on entertaining your kids in quarantine.





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