Our Story.

One day, there was a long duration flight. We travelled in economy class and the pains after the trip was excruciating. That hit-on-the-head was enough to create a product that’s elegant, pleasant, portable and sturdy enough to support multiple-postures for the ultimate comfort. That’s when we decided to create and innovate personal comfort & convenience products for the ambitious people.

Our Journey.

April 2018 Incubation at AirBus
August 2018 Prototypes Tested
January 2019 User Testing Completed
June 2019 Spin Off from AirBus India
December 2019 Manufacturing Setup
May 2020 Kickstarter Launch
July 2020 Production Starts
January 2021 KickStarter Supply Starts
June 2021 Campfire Launch in Japan
July 2021 Corporate Sales Starts
Oct 2021 Went to Shark Tank India Finals
Dec 2021 Verified Seller On RangeMe
Mar 2022 Increases Sales on Amazon India
April 2022 Recognized by Nat Geo Traveller, UK
May 2022 Successful Tyke Campaign and Awarded Global SMB Of The Year by Amazon India

Our Team.

Pradipta Founder & Innovator
Soham Co-founder & Innovator
Sarit Prajna Co-founder & Communicator
Abhishek Co-founder & Business

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