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Pradipta Kishore Sahoo and Soham Patel - Co founders


We are a team of visionaries who want to make the world a better place. We are passionate, driven individuals who see comfort as a priority rather than a luxury. Our range of products are the embodiment of our vision to make people comfortable while they travel. We want everyday office commuters, travelers, and adventurers to be comfortable while they nap on their journey. We understand and identify with your problems because we faced them too. Which is why we decided to solve them in the best way we thought possible.

Soham and I were engineers at Airbus India when we first met and started working together. We were sent on an official visit to London from the company, and Soham was excited since it was his first international trip. He bought a neck pillow to use on the 12-hour flight because he wanted to be comfortable. Halfway through the flight, I was being entertained with the many poses he made to find the perfect spot. His efforts were in vain because the exact opposite of what he hoped happened. I wasn’t laughing much after we landed because I had severe jet lag, back, and neck pain, along with stiff feet. He and I were in the same discomfort even though Soham took the effort to make himself comfortable.

We discussed ways that long haul travel could be redesigned to give travelers a better experience. Economy class seats are not designed for sleeping since they have limited leg space and reclining options. Tired and sleep-deprived we got back home, and really began to ponder the problem. We were sure that modifying airline seats would solve the problem of economy class travelers. We did thorough research on products available, their prices, and what problems they were trying to solve.

We approached Airbus BizLab; a unit of Airbus, a global aerospace accelerator, with the idea of a fully functional modular seat for economy class travelers. It would aim to help them sleep in a front sleeping posture as well as use their laptops or tablets. The management loved our idea and wanted to help us. Unfortunately, it would have taken us at least 2 years to get certified from government authorities, and regulatory bodies to enter the market. It was too long to wait, so we hit the drawing board again and brainstormed ways to bring comfort to travelers. With our core idea in mind, we pivoted from modifying the seat to creating a comfort kit that can be used as hand baggage.

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We identified that many users were not really happy with available neck pillows. This was our opportunity. We worked on multiple prototypes during our stint at Airbus Bizlab, doing extensive user testing, and turned guinea pigs for our own idea. We used our prototype on a trip to Paris, we were actually more comfortable sleeping with our pillow. We presented the final prototype to Airbus Bizlab, and it was a success! They graciously granted us seed capital and let us spin off into an independent company, called UUO Innovation Pvt Ltd. Which was a first in the history of Airbus India. We were featured in News articles across India like India Tech Online, The Hindu Business Line, The Times of India and Fortune India. Since our design is so unique, we were able to patent it and are now working to make travel comfort a necessity rather than a luxury.


Our vision is to be a world leader in the Travel Comfort Industry.


We want to bring comfort to 10 million travelers in 3 years, with a portfolio for products and retail outlets under the umbrella of UUO Innovation.

We understand that even people who travel to work use that time to sleep, so why should they be uncomfortable?
Our product is designed keeping in mind the diverse ways that our customers may choose to use their comfort kit.


Pradipta Kishore Sahoo - Co-founder

Pradipta Kishore Sahoo
14 years at Airbus and HAL
Jadavpur University

Soham Patel- Co founder

Soham Patel
8 years at Airbus
IIT Kanpur.

Sarit Prajna Sahu - Business Development Manager

Sarit Prajna Sahu
Business Development Manager
Warwick Business School, UK

Arvind Kumaran - Product designer

Arvind Kumaran
Product designer

Prabhat Sahoo - Textile and fashion consultant

Prabhata Sahoo
Textile and Fashion consultant
NIFT Bangalore

Ritu Gautam - Content writer

Ritu Gautam
Content Writer
Mount Carmel College