3 Ways To Travel In Style, Avoid Looking Tardy And Enjoy Your Trip

If you want to travel in style, you first need to understand your personality. Are you spontaneous or plan a lot? We’ve got a few ideas on how you can look polished and prepared to travel in style. 

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Firstly, what is style? 

According to the Oxford Dictionary, style refers is the particular way in which you do something. 

So, “Traveling in style” is best done to suit your unique personality. You don’t have to keep up with the latest trends or get fancy about the newest travel fashion wear. Because let’s face it, even your best clothes will get crumpled in a 12-hour long flight. 

Be yourself. It’s the best way to feel in control of a situation and stay stylish and comfortable. That said, we are all different kinds of travelers and have unique styles. 

We identified four types of travelers. 

The Check-listed Traveler – You like to plan and organize. 

The whole world marvels at your skills. Planning and organizing is not everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee). You usually have the last laugh because you researched and prepared for unusual circumstances too. You’re more like travel databases. Everyone needs to come to you for tips, and they are better off. 

The Wanderer – You are all about no planning, just good vibes. 

You take life as it comes. Ready to face any challenge and welcoming surprises. Bragging about those fantastic stories filled with new people, places, and experiences, make your eyes sparkle. You’re the storytellers and proud of it. The world is exciting because of your thrilling encounters.  

The Instagram-candy Traveler – Maybe a few trade secrets to share with your followers?

For you, travel is a chance to jazz up your Instagram account. Browsing your profile gives thousands of followers a fresh perspective on life or motivates them to travel just like you. Traveling looks sexy and stylish with whatever you do. Some even wonder how you manage to pull off being ‘so unaffected’ by travel. Is there a secret? We’ll get there.  

The Last-Minute Traveler – You are the spontaneous traveler, always running out of time. 

Usually, you’re running to catch a train, bus, or flight, because well, you booked last minute! It’s a great adrenaline rush and a way to compensate for the missing gym days. Still, the adventurer in you loves the thrill of it. There is a positive side to everything. After all, it’s about the journey, not the destination. 

Whether you’re traveling for a conference/work meeting or on vacation, looking your best, no matter where you go, helps you make an impression. 

Even while traveling, you can look polished and groomed despite sitting in a seat for eight hours. The secret? There’s no one hack, just a few simple steps to get you looking refreshed when you step off that plane. 

The Check-listed Traveler

You’ve pretty much got everything planned, but how can you travel in style with the same things you always carry?


Pick something stylish yet comfortable. It needs to reflect your personality. 


Consider; Jeans, Yoga Pants, Palazzos, Jeggings, 

Cargo Pants, Joggers, Shorts, Harem Pants, and Track Pants. They are comfortable yet stylish! 

If you’re traveling on short notice for business, have your formal attire neatly pressed and already packed in a go-bag. If you have time to change into formals before the meeting, this is enough. Otherwise, you can use the restroom before you land to get settled in. 


Avoid a tight-fitting suit that is likely to pinch and feel uncomfortable while sitting in a long-haul flight seat. Carry an extra pair of freshly pressed trousers and a t-shirt. It’s best to take off your suit jacket before sitting down so it doesn’t crumble.   


You could try T-Shirts and tops—especially the highly stretchable ones like sweatshirts and jackets. 


T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shirts are all great for traveling in style while staying comfortable. 


Packing cannot be complete without the right set of shoes for transit and other travel occasions. Here is an example of shoes which can help you travel in style and be comfortable. If traveling for business, you should carry loafers or walking shoes during transit and save formal wear for the meeting. 



What To Pack To Travel In Style

Traveling is a grueling process, even on an airplane. The air conditioning would make your skin dry, or the lack thereof would make it very oily. To avoid looking weathered upon arrival, be sure to carry some essentials for a quick clean-up—for example, face wash, moisturizer, hair gel, wet wipes, and makeup.  

Some other items that come in handy if cabin pressure is too high; nasal spray, earbuds, and ear drops.  

Travel Pillows 

Travel pillows are a great way to further accessories, with plenty of different designs and styles. Our blog is brought to you by napEazy, the convertible travel pillow that comes in a range of fun styles. That said, your pillow should also serve its purpose.

The Wanderer Traveler

Traveling in style requires you to pack just what you need. You usually pack light and efficiently. You’ve researched your destination in such detail that you can buy anything not packed when you arrive. It’s probably a lower price, and it gets used up, so you don’t have to carry those back. Maybe we covered all of them here? 

What To Pack To Travel In Style

Since you are more of a backpack person, consider packing in cubes. This way, you can segregate the items you need during travel and after travel. 

  1. Shoes: Choose the most comfortable shoes for your travel, like your regular outdoor walking shoes which you wear to leave your home. 
  2. Socks: Compression socks to keep you warm and to circulate blood in your legs. This is important because you cannot afford to arrive at your destination with cramped feet for the first couple of hours. 
  3. Tops & Bottoms: Wear comfortable clothes and carry a jacket or sweater to beat the air conditioning inflight. 
  4. Umbrella, Raincoat: Since you plan to spend your time outdoors, be prepared for anything unpredictable. Don’t let the weather spoil your plans. Watching birds get wet and dancing in a puddle is fun, but not if you don’t carry extra pairs of dresses to change into later. 
  5. Snacks, Coffee Mugs, and even wine (wink) if you like the occasional glass or two, then carrying it for difficult times would be great. Just don’t overdo it because you did not travel all the way to spend your time in a parking lot!! Sometimes airline snacks are expensive, so it’s better to carry your own in the travel packing cube. 

Refer to this video to learn how to pack light and all in one single backpack. 

Things You Can Buy On Arrival

Those could be items you are not particular about when it comes to the brand. First of all, ensure that you have access to clean water and the proper supply of snacks. Food and water shouldn’t stop you from going a little farther. 

  1. Sanitary supplies – You don’t always need to carry these. Some good hotels have their stores where you can get all these. 
  2. Swim supplies – Unless you are brand conscious, hotel stores or nearby stores have good options. You could get them very cheap too. 
  3. Souvenir – Now, You don’t have to buy them after you arrive, but they are great to bring back memories. Some destinations have unique things when it comes to souvenirs. In the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, tourists cannot pick seashells from the beach but buy them from the stores. Like the one shown below.

The Jarawa Tribe

Travel In Style Jarawa Tribe

Be sure not to leave your home without a camera, tripod, phone earphones, and all chargers if you love capturing moments. Staying camera-ready means you can go live on social media and share your adventures with your followers and loved ones. 

“Everything is better with Bluetooth” – Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

With the technology we have today, you could go for innovative chargers without wires. Your luggage looks cleaner and organized—all the best for your future trips. 

If you would like to share anything interesting that was camera-worthy, and you just happened to be there. No amount of wait could have made that happen. 

The Instagram-Candy Traveler

Travelers like you are such an inspiration because you love yourself and everything around you to spread that positivity. This means that you are just as planned and organized as the check-listed traveler. To travel in style is part of your whole aesthetic. 

This section is brought to you by one of our friends Arpita Bhattacharya.

Travel In Style - Arpita Bhattacharya

Instagram ID: isshshsh


Research the destination:

What kind of weather is there? (temperature, rainy or snowy, hot during the period of stay, etc.) Additionally, shortlist the picturesque locations in and around your place of visit. 

Since every place creates a story, a perfect choice of clothes as per the weather and terrain is essential. Style is great when it is comfortable too. But at the same time, the choice of color is crucial. It should either blend or stand out depending on the location. 

For example, suppose it’s a rusty place or a heritage site with browns or greys as background. In that case, you could go with brighter shades and vice versa, if the surrounding is already colorful. 

Weather plays a significant role in choosing your travel style. However, the cinematic side of me would often argue otherwise. 


As essentials, sunscreen, shades, and cotton scarves are a must for a trip to a beach location or hotter climates. Tans are still alright, but heat strokes are major mood spoilers and can get hazardous too. 

Carry a sling bag in your suitcase or backpack, which you can carry around while sightseeing. The sling bag should hold all the essentials in it. 

Pack your sling bag already with these: 

  1. You can’t do away without lip color. It would help if you went for a non-transferrable one so you won’t have to reapply often. If you have plans to change your dress more than once a day, you should carry a matching pair of makeup. Otherwise, it does not make much sense to carry your makeup around. Lesser things, lesser worries, right?
  2. Include sanitizers, moisturizers, Pocket wet wipes, and Vaseline to avoid dry skin. You want to look radiant in your pictures and not wrinkly or flaky, right?
  3. Don’t forget your favorite chocolate or candy to raise your mood before that perfect shot. Not just that, you do get hungry when you are doing a lot of traveling. While climbing high altitudes and colder regions, or places where you can’t find any food. 
  4. Last but not least, a selfie stick for our Instagram-Candy travelers. 

Plan your overall look according to what looks good on you, not what looks good on a fashion model. Take the culture of your destination into consideration. Mingling with local customs will make you more appealing to the scene and the people around you. For example, if there are temples and a lovely beach on the list, consider carrying a wrap-around skirt or a wrap-around dress for the temple. You can change that for the next destination.

The Last-Minute Traveler

Well, there is no planning required here because there is none done. There are two kinds of people: One who ends up in a situation with no time to plan, and another who decides not to plan. 

If you’re the former, you already have pre-packed luggage if you anticipated this to happen. 

If you’re the latter, rather than a list of what to pack, let’s go over the essential things you could miss while packing and end up with heavy luggage filled with useless things. 

Because otherwise, you won’t be able to travel. 

You need your tickets, which means your mobile phone too, cash (local currency of the destination), credit cards, portable charger, or backup.

Add in a few pairs of tops and bottoms, innerwear, socks, and shoes. 

The rest you can buy so you’re good. 

There is a thrill to deciding to travel someplace a fortnight before you leave. Packing the essentials and just hitting the road, but doing that in style? Possible! 

Our advice doesn’t change here, dress comfortably and wear what suits your personality. You need just the essentials with functional suitcases that go with your overall look. 

Since there is very little planning involved, accommodation is difficult to find. So, what we suggest to our last-minute travelers is; make a lot of friends worldwide. If you have friends, family, or acquaintances staying at your destination, you could be their house guest. Consider Airbnb and Oyo to book rooms on short notice if you don’t know anyone where you’re going. 


If it’s a last-minute business trip, have a go-bag with neatly pressed business formals and shoes all packed in advance. You don’t need anything else. 


Consider; Jeans, Cargo Pants, Joggers, Shorts, Harem Pants, and Track Pants. They are comfortable yet stylish! 


Avoid a tight-fitting suit that is likely to pinch and be uncomfortable while sitting in a seat on a long-haul flight. Jeans, trousers, shorts, cargo pants are one place to start. 


Try T-Shirts and tops. Keep in mind the weather at your destination and choose color combinations that go well with your accessories and bottoms. 


T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shirts are all great for traveling in style while staying comfortable. 



Travel in style with casual shoes (flats), sneakers, heels, peep toes, ballerinas, or formal business shoes if it’s a last-minute business trip. 


Business Formal Shoes if you’re traveling on business or sports shoes and loafers for leisure. 

An essential part of traveling in style is the right friends, family, and loved ones make the journey more memorable and stylish. 

Suppose you could happily associate yourself to any category and are excited to share it with us, then why not! Leave us a comment below.

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