10 Ways To Use NapEazy For The Ultimate Napping Experience

If napping is your first love and you’ve just got your napEazy, we have a few ideas to maximize your benefits.  

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Firstly, napEazy was intended for helping you sleep comfortably while traveling. Here are 4 main ways to use napEazy – 

  1.     Deep Sleep Mode – Or napping on your stomach with a twist.  You can attach the sling to your opened napEazy and put it around your seat rest. Then lie down on the pillow in front of you as if suspended in mid-air. This position is best for an airplane, bus, or train seat that has a high back. Many of our beta testers and Kickstarter backers loved this posture because of how comfortable it was compared to other pillows.Ways to use napEazy deep sleep mode
  1.     Desk Hibernate – You can also nap with napEazy at your desk by resting an open napEazy pillow against the edge of the table and lying down on it. Keep the bottom half of the pillow on your lap and try to hug napEazy as you get a good nap. This posture is best for sleeping at your office or any place with a desk for support. It’s an alternative to lying down on your desk to have stiff legs and arms at the end of your nap. You can wake up happy and refreshed. Ways to use napEazy desk hiibernate
  2.     Wall Rest – helps you use napEazy as side support while napping on the bus. Keep the extended pillow on your lap and lean it against the window/wall beside you and rest your head on it. You can put your arm around napEazy and hug it for added comfort. You can use this posture in any mode of transport or even indoors in your cubicle. Ways to use napEazy Wall rest
  1.     Day Dreamer — if you love napping on your back, you can use napEazy in its closed-form as a normal lumbar support pillow. Simply angle the pillow to find a comfortable spot and take a snooze. It’s perfect for napping literally anywhere and is another favorite among our backers. Ways to use napEazy day dreamer

That’s not all, while napEazy went through testing, many beta testers found other interesting ways to use napEazy.  

Here are 6 other ways you can use napEazy – 

  1.     An armrest – when you find yourself fighting for arm space on a narrow airplane or bus seat. You can whip out your napEazy and place it on the narrow seat rest. It’s one way to make a friend. It also makes for good support while you’re at your desk to bring your hands level to the table, further improving your office ergonomics. Ways To use napEazy arm rest
  2. The stargazer – or a normal pillow to lie down on the ground. When you’re at a park or at home looking for a little bit of head support, napEazy is there for you. Ways to use napEazy Stargazer
  3.     Couple pillow – You can even share your napEazy by opening it to its full length and lying down side-by-side with a friend. Kind of like this mother-daughter duo. Ways to use napEazy couple pillow
  4.     Lounge mode – If you’re in a waiting room or don’t have a table for support, you can rest your chin on napEazy and lay back into a comfortable spot for a snooze. NapEazy’s always good for a cuddle. Ways to use napEazy Lounge mode
  5.     Office work mode – some of our beta testers liked the idea of resting on napEazy while working. So you’re not sleeping, but you’ve got some firm support. It doubles beautifully as a lumbar pillow that improves your office/work from home ergonomics.Ways To Use napEazy office mode 
  6. Hugging mode – You can also just cuddle your favorite qtee print like a soft toy for added comfort. If you’re on a long journey by train or airplane,  this is a viable alternative if you’re not sleeping but just looking for some comfort.Ways to use napEazy hugging mode

Of course, if you have more ideas, you can always reach out to us, and we’ll feature you on this page. You can experiment in any way you want, it’s your comfort and your napEazy. Wake up refreshed and ready for your next action.

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